Wildcat #125 has been researched, field tested and found to be the best playfield cleaner & polish on the market. $8.40
Pinball machines, videos, jukeboxes -any equipment with rubber. RC-88 was designed to give longer life and better play to all rubber on your equipment $8.40
KC-22 was designed to be used on mylar surfaces as well as many other surfaces with achieving desired results and using a newly designed formula to achieve maximum cleaning and durable protection from hard play! $8.40
Pinball Machines, videos and all vending equipment. TR-60 will remove tape and adhesive residue from most surfaces safely. $8.40
One Step Wax Polish! - Cleans, waxes, and protects pinball playfields! SOLD OUT
NOVUS 1 - plastic clean and shine. Cleans all plastic surfaces- great for playfield plastics and ramps SOLD OUT
NOVUS 2 - fine scratch remover. Removes fine scratches from plastic. $4.95
NOVUS 3 - heavy scratch remover. Use prior to Novus 2 for heavy scratches in plastic. $5.95