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There is a difference where you buy your pinball machines! We do a true shopping process on removing ramps, plastics, and arch to provide a deep cleaning and polishing of the playfield. We replace all rubber rings, bad bulbs, weak coils, and test and replace any bad switches. The difference now becomes enormous, because we are one of the leading supplier of replacement plastics and game specific parts, which means we will replace or repair any playfield plastics that are broken or cracked (we reserve the right to repair cracked or broken plastics depending upon degree of damage and exposure). Ramps are replaced or repaired and reinforced to restore full functionality (many times better than new). We also do a electrical upgrade to the powerboard by replacing connector using high wattage with trifucon pins in order to eliminate heat build up and prevent inevitable damage

Heard a scary e-bay story lately? Our parts manager gets to hear 20 to 30 a week. It usually goes "I just bought a pinball listed as perfect, but it was a piece of junk. I thought it would be safe to try to save some money." We supply parts to people who bought incomplete machines and are scrambling to find parts (sometime unsuccessfully) to make their machines complete.

Read what our customers are saying!!!!
Buy machines from an industry leader, instead of someone fixing machines in their garage. We have very experienced highly trained techs, who restore our machines, and give you many years of low maintanence pinball play. There is no substitute for long lasting quality!

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