We have a selection of paints that were produced by the original OEM paint manufacturer that supplied the original pinball companies with their paints. These are very unique colors, which cannot be matched with ordinary paint pigments. Anyone who has every tried to match the Williams blue used for Funhouse, Addams Family Lightning, or others- know its impossible to get a match.
We also have a gloss black which matches the cabinets of Addams Family, Twilight Zone, and others that truely dries glossy. A must for restoring your pinball in a professional manner!


ADDAMS FAMILY LIGHTNING BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
ROCKY & BULLWINKLE BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
BAYWATCH BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
FUNHOUSE BLUE/ PURPLE -1 ounce size- $15.95
WHITEWATER BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
TOMMY YELLOW -1 ounce size- $15.95
TWILIGHT ZONE OFF WHITE -1 ounce size- $15.95
WHIRLWIND BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
TALES FROM THE CRYPT PURPLE -1 ounce size- $15.95
GILLIGANS ISLAND BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
ROADSHOW BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
STARWARS BLUE -1 ounce size- $15.95
JUDGE DREDD -1 ounce size- $15.95
GLOSS BLACK -1 ounce size- $15.95

Quantities above 1 ounce require UPS Ground shipping and require ordering straight from us (not cart)

All paints are Enamel based.